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Who can apply?

Students and young researchers who study (or are strongly interested in) Armenology, particularly the Armenian language, culture and history.

Age limit: from 18 to 40 years; exceptions for 40+ are possible.

This course requires a basic familiarity with linguistics and English proficiency.

How to prepare?

The Armenian alphabet and some reading exercises will be sent to the students three weeks before the start of the HayaSSA.

Students are required to bring their own sleeping bag, (inflatable) mattress or sleeping pad, hygiene items, warm clothes, swimming clothes, reliable hiking shoes and stationery.

Although Armenia is visa-free for citizens of most countries outside of the African continent, you should check if a visa is required for your specific nationality, and apply on time if it is.


710,000 AMD (€ 1,350)

605,000 AMD (€ 1,150) for early registration (before 20 March)

The price includes the following for the whole duration (two weeks):

  • All the courses;
  • Course materials, such as handouts and electronic files;
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea breaks);
  • Accommodation as described in the section below;
  • Certificate (upon request).

Visa and travel costs to and from Armenia will not be covered. However, we may provide applicants with an official letter of invitation to support visa, scholarship and travel grant applications.

Registration Deadline: 10 June | Early Registration Deadline: 20 March


House rules

  • No luxuries, no separate rooms. We will sleep on the floor in personal sleeping bags in a few shared rooms in village houses.
  • Shower: mainly once every two days (or, depending on circumstances, once every three days).
  • Cell-phones and internet to be used once or twice a day for short messages and calls, during the special private time. Naturally, cell-phones can be used for taking photos; but no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • No alcohol (except possibly on some special occasions).
  • No smoking in enclosed areas or during hiking.
  • After “Lights out!” (yes, lots of jokes have been made about this), normally around 23:30, no walking (except for toilet visits) and no lights from cell-phone screens. We wake up early and spend a lot of energy during the day, so everyone needs proper sleep.
  • Naturally, no-one leaves our habitat without permission.
  • All participants should be open to free discussions instead of supporting ideological taboos.

N.B. These rules may seem exaggerated, but our long experience demonstrates that the discipline and restrictions are necessary to make our HayaSSA as safe and efficient as possible. Besides, we encourage healthy real-life communication and experience, and therefore boycott virtual activities during HayaSSA.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before applying.

1. Application, payment and enrollment

1.1. Please apply using the Application Form. Placement for HayaSSA 2020 will be based on the order of application․ After submitting the application form you will receive a confirmation email. Your application will be reviewed approximately within two weeks, whereupon you will be notified of the results. If you have been accepted to the program, you will receive an email with payment instructions.

1.2. Be aware that payment must be fulfilled within 14 calendar days after receiving the letter with payment instructions, otherwise your candidacy will be cancelled. As soon as the payment has reached us, you will receive a confirmation of payment, which means that you are officially enrolled for HayaSSA 2020.

1.3. Please refer to the price overview for the course fees and the application deadlines.

2. Armenian visa

2.1. Participants of HayaSSA who need a visa for travelling to Armenia should contact their local Embassy or Consulate. We recommend that they apply at least two months before the course starts. We can provide applicants with an official letter of invitation to support visa, travel grant and scholarship applications. You may use this search tool to check whether or not your country of citizenship requires an Armenian visa.

2.2. Visa and travel costs to and from Armenia will not be covered.

3. Insurance

3.1. HayaSSA does not provide participants with any health insurance. The participants are obliged to arrange a health insurance valid in Armenia over the entire period of the summer school.

3.2. Regardless of the above, all participants will be given first aid in case of an emergency.

3.3. Please note that there are currently no epidemics or other serious public health threats in Armenia, and the country has a very low rate of cases of infectious diseases. Please refer to the World Health Organization: country profile, data

4. Cancellation and refund policy

4.1 If the cancellation and refund request is submitted within 7 calendar days after the HayaSSA fee was paid, the fee will be refunded, save for a 50 EUR application fee, as well as the banking fee.

4.2. If the cancellation and refund request is submitted within 8-14 calendar days after the fee was paid, we will refund 75% of the HayaSSA fee, save for the aforementioned application and banking fees.

4․3. If the cancellation and refund request is submitted within 15-29 calendar days after the fee was paid, we will refund 50% of the HayaSSA fee, save for the aforementioned application and banking fees.

4.4. In all the above cases, the refund will be issued within 60 calendar days of such cancellation.

4.5. Refund can only be requested within 30 calendar days after the payment of the fees. Negotiations are possible is exceptional cases.

4.6. All deadlines are given in GMT/UTC+0 time.

4.7. If HayaSSA happens to be cancelled due to causes from our side, the payment will be fully refunded.

5. Further conditions

5.1 Students are expected to attend all meals, classes and arranged activities and excursions or hikes.

5.2. The HayaSSA team members may take photos and videos of classes and trips and use them for promotional purposes.

5․3. All damage to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the student(s) responsiblе.

5.4. The HayaSSA team does not take responsibility for loss or theft of personal belongings of the participants.

5.5. The participants are required to comply with the house rules. Violation of the rules may result in dismissal from the course.

5.6. The participants should realize that stay in villages and hiking may involve a slight degree of danger, e.g. of snake or scorpion bites (which in fact are rare in Armenia), or potential risks of injury during long hikes and/or rides on open trucks. The HayaSSA team does not take legal responsibility for accidents. Please note that during our whole experience we have not had any accidents. However, the HayaSSA team will do its best to maintain reasonable safety conditions.

By applying to the HayaSSA program you imply that you have read the above֊written information and accept that the contract with HayaSSA is made up of these terms and conditions, your offer-email, the course information on the website and the full payment of the fee.

HayaSSA 2020

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